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Search for discreet affairs locally and sort them all by proximity to you, gender, looks, interests and other key factors for maximum compatibility. Whether you are looking for a discreet affair hookup, someone to flirt with online or a major upgrade to your long term love life, Affair Link search gives you the power to visually browse thousand of profiles quickly, easily and in complete privacy. Finding your next date is fast and fun!

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Give up the guilt! Amplifying the passion in your life and improving the level of intimate romance you enjoy is more important. You only live once and nobody should have to put off happiness out of feelings of obligation. Cupid is the answer. Our proprietary Cupid algorithm matches potential  local affair hookups and suggests candidates for hot times together. Complete your own personal profile, answer simple survey questions and see who Cupid recommends for you!

Your Own Discreet Message Center

One of the very first rules of having a local affair is avoiding the use of your own communication systems. Your email at work or home, phone, or other contact information should always be kept completely separate from your dating life. For that reason, Affair Link includes a state of the art message center for all members to connect with one another secretly. Use online messaging directly to or from your Affair Link account to set up local affairs, confirm times or stay in touch with someone special. You can log in securely from any computer or mobile device, so it really is the quiet and convenient solution to keeping your private life your own special secret.